Gum Disease Therapy

At Dental Image in Crown Point, IN, we’re here to help you prevent or treat gum disease. Our skilled team will support you in keeping your gums healthy or taking the steps you need to get there, and offers compassionate, non-judgmental care. Book your appointment online or give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

What is Gum Disease? 

Gum disease or periodontal disease occurs when your gums become inflamed or infected. This is usually caused by the slow buildup of plaque and tartar in your mouth over time and can cause significant health problems if left untreated, including damage to your teeth and jaw. However, gum disease can often be prevented by a combination of consistent dental hygiene practices at home and regular dental cleanings, although some risk factors may be genetic.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

The early stages of gum disease may have minimal symptoms, as gum disease is often difficult to detect at first without a professional dental exam. However, as the disease progresses, you may experience bleeding gums, discomfort, irritation and swelling, a receding gum line, and eventually damage to your teeth. Gum disease can also affect your overall health and wellness and lead to other health problems. 

Scaling and Root planing

While the earliest signs of gum disease can often be treated with better oral hygiene habits, moderate gum disease needs regular, deep cleaning treatments from your dentist. These are called scaling and root planing, and involve cleaning out bacteria that are growing inside pockets of gum tissue and plaque that has built up on the roots of your teeth. Typically, you’ll need to get a deep cleaning treatment every few months to help stop the spread of gum disease.

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