Crown Brewing

Popular craft brewery Crown Brewing is situated in the center of Crown Point, Indiana. The brewery has gained a following among beer enthusiasts since it first opened in 2008 and a reputation for creating premium, handcrafted brews. We will examine Crown Brewing’s background, product line, and community impact in this article.

Two friends with a love for homebrewing, Dave Bryan and Steve Mazylewski, established Crown Brewing. The brewery was established to provide the neighborhood with premium, homegrown beer and was motivated by the rich brewing tradition of the area. The brewery’s name was chosen to reflect its location in Crown Point, and the iconic courthouse tower, a representation of the history and character of the city, appears in both the brewery’s logo and name.

The brewery’s taproom is housed in a historic structure that was built as a general store in the 1880s. The structure was renovated to make room for the brewery, and now both locals and tourists enjoy visiting it for its rustic charm and character. The taproom offers a reclaimed wood bar, a variety of seating options, including tables, chairs, cozy booths, and a sizable patio outside.

The variety of beers available from Crown Brewing includes everything from classic German lagers to IPAs and stouts made in the United States. The Crown Brown Ale, a rich and malty beer that has become a local favorite, is the brewery’s flagship brew. The Hopnotic IPA, Crown Pilsner, and the locally produced Harvest Wheat Ale are some of the other well-liked options.

Crown Brewing also offers a variety of seasonal and limited-release beers in addition to its core beer lineup. These brews are frequently influenced by regional customs and events, like the annual brewing of the Crown Town Ale to commemorate Crown Point’s founding. The brewery also holds special occasions and beer releases all through the year, giving beer lovers distinctive and thrilling chances to try out brand-new and experimental brews.

Through its collaborations with neighborhood groups and companies, Crown Brewing has demonstrated its dedication to quality and the local community. The brewery works with nearby eateries and food trucks to offer visitors scrumptious and complementary food options. It also collaborates with neighborhood non-profits and charities to support the neighborhood. The brewery’s yearly charity beer festival, which takes place in the fall, is a well-liked occasion that benefits a number of regional causes.

Furthermore, Crown Brewing’s importance to the neighborhood goes beyond its beer selection. The brewery’s taproom is a warm, welcoming place that encourages social interaction and a sense of community. It’s a well-liked destination for both locals and tourists, and anyone who goes there has a special and memorable experience.

Crown Brewing has contributed to the city of Crown Point’s image as a destination for craft beer lovers. The brewery’s expansion spurred the development of additional regional breweries and helped establish Crown Point as a destination for premium, locally brewed beer. Crown Brewing’s dedication to excellence and innovation has become the standard for other breweries in the area and has improved Northwest Indiana’s craft beer scene.

In summary, Crown Brewing is a crucial and cherished component of the Crown Point neighborhood. Its handcrafted beers, alliances with regional groups, and warm taproom all reflect its dedication to quality and community. The brewery’s success has fueled the expansion of other regional breweries and helped Crown Point become known as a destination for craft beer lovers. Crown Brewing is a must-see location in Crown Point, Indiana, whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just looking for a friendly and welcoming place to have a drink with friends.

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